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Denver Harpist, Barbara Lepke-Sims

Get to know Denver harpist, consultant, and educator Barbara Lepke-Sims, MM, The Juilliard School; MBA; Certified Music Practitioner (CMP).


Sacred Space Harp is a reflection of the culmination of all of Barb’s personal life and professional experiences as a Denver harpist.  Unique in this synergy is Barb’s passion for music, administrative and organizational skills, and desiring to make a difference by sharing the love of Christ in an open and creative way. This is expressed by: 

Professional Traditional Harp Services:

Therapeutic Music Harp Services:

  • Providing live therapeutic music to help in the healing process, self-care and resilience for a diverse and inclusive population of patients, families, and staff.
  • Contributing to the growth of the field of Live Therapeutic Music field by being a consultant and thought leader by using my administrative and organizational skills to mentor individuals and/or organizations to understand, implement and sustain this service.
  • Mentoring live therapeutic musicians through supporting Certified Music Practitioners and the Music for Healing and Transition Program ( on the local , regional and national level.

Whether you're looking for customized harp music at an upcoming personal or professional event or wish to learn more about my live therapeutic music offerings, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you.