Therapeutic Music Consulting Services

Become educated from a seasoned professional about implementing therapeutic music best practices.

Enhancing Whole Person Care Through Music Enriches Lives

Barbara Lepke-Sims provides therapeutic music consulting for many clients about best practices

Barbara Lepke-Sims has over 10 years experience as a Certified Music Practitioner.  She has helped over 6 hospitals build their programs from scratch and organizes MHTP modules around the country.  She is considered an expert and thought leader in her field. Please refer to her Therapeutic Music Consulting Page for more information.


Barbara Lepke-Sims is a Therapeutic Musician

Sacred Space coordinates Denver therapeutic music programs

Barbara helps run and coordinate over six therapeutic music programs in the Denver Metro area.  She helped spearhead programs at Children's Hospital, Parker Adventist Hospital, and other Centura Hospitals. We encourage you to contact her to learn more about her experience and how she can help you implement your own program.

Sacred Space provides educational and teaching opportunities

Barbara travels nationally to present education about therapeutic music.  She teaches on how to become a certified music practitioner, speaks at events, and even helps others start their own therapeutic music practices.