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Therapeutic music enhances whole-person care

Through a holistic approach, therapeutic music improves patient outcomes, boosts staff morale, and adds another dimension for hospital care. Enjoy our therapeutic music blog with cutting edge best practices, case studies, and research in the field.  Barbara Lepke-Sims has been a practitioner, teacher, mentor, and consultant in this space since 2010.

Dual harps used for teaching harp lessons.

The Difference Between Therapeutic Music and Music Therapy

Professionally, there is an important difference between therapeutic music and music therapy, even though there are similarities. The Role of Therapeutic Musicians The National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians,, states “ The practice of the therapeutic musician is to use the intrinsic healing elements of live music and sound to provide an environment conducive…

creating and observing sacred spaces; image of cross on meadow

Reflecting on the value of creating and observing sacred spaces

With many events looking quite different this year in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, the value of sacred space is more apparent than ever. As I’ve been thinking about the value of creating and observing sacred spaces, I’ve been reflecting on some I’ve experienced. A longtime favorite Memorial Day event for my family, the BOLDERBoulder…

Patient joy from hearing live therapeutic music played by Barbara Lepke-Sims

Inspiring joy in patients and medical staff with live therapeutic music

Music is known to aid the healing process, support reduced stress and anxiety levels, and help prevent burnout. Furthermore, live therapeutic music offers a supportive and healing complementary healthcare intervention. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, live therapeutic music as a complementary intervention is needed now more than ever. Once seen as an intervention primarily…