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Barbara's wide musical repertoire includes, classical, popular, celtic, sacred, and therapeutic music

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Popular and Celtic
Music for the Heart...from the Heart Barbara W. Lepke-Sims

Barbara's Therapeutic Music
Solo Harp CD

Music for the Heart...from the Heart

Soothing Melodies to Comfort Your Soul

56 minutes of calm, relaxing, solo harp music


For the Heart

Each composition's rhythm conforms with a resting adult's heart beat, approximately 60 beats per minute, thus allowing the listener to easily and gently flow toward a calm and restful state.


Because of the emphasis placed on the resting heart rate, these songs are appropriate for:

  • Complementary interventions including acupuncture and massage
  • Breathing
  • Meditation
  • Relaxation


From the Heart

"Each of these beautiful melodies has helped soothe and comfort my heart. May your soul be soothed and comforted as well when you listen to them." - Barbara


About the Artist

Barbara Weiger Lepke-Sims is a Certified Music Practitioner (CMP) and has been playing in hospitals and healthcare settings in Denver, CO since 2009. She holds a Master of Music from The Juilliard School and has been a professional harpist since 1978. She is the Colorado Area Coordinator for MHTP and is a former member of the AHS and MHTP Board of Directors.  You can listen to her work or other sample harp music on this page.  Please contact her if you wish to hear a selection from another piece.

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"Thank you for the magnificent CD. I have listened to it and am totally relaxed and stress free. I would love to share these with our patients as I know they would sleep better and be much less anxious."

- Nancy L., BSN, OCN, CBCN, Clinical Navigator, Yavapai Regional Center Breast Care Center, Prescott, AZ

"Thank you so much for the beautiful harp CD. It is so comforting! I keep it in my car and when I play it, I am filled with peace. It is truly amazing how it works. I can have lots of stuff going on in my mind, and I put the CD in and it melts away."

- Anxious Driver

"Music for the Heart... from the Heart is fast becoming my favorite treatment room music. My patients call it beautiful, peaceful, and soothing. I call it reliable. The pure sound of the harp unadorned with angelic voices or waterfalls...and not a jarring note or break in it.

The gentle melodies are calm and consistent, and I'm content to listen all day. Thank you Barbara!"

- Fran Maher, Licensed Acupuncturist, New Jersey

"The music is so beautiful. I have used it several times as an adjunct to the migraine treatments I am using. It is the right rhythm and tone for someone with migraines. I find your music to be very therapeutic and I now equate the CD with relaxing in general.

One of the difficulties about migraine treatments is that it must be combined with relaxation techniques to be effective. That is hard to do, but with the CD, I am instantly in relaxation mode and can let the meds work."

- Migraine Patient