Patient joy from hearing live therapeutic music played by Barbara Lepke-Sims

Music is known to aid the healing process, support reduced stress and anxiety levels, and help prevent burnout. Furthermore, live therapeutic music offers a supportive and healing complementary healthcare intervention.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, live therapeutic music as a complementary intervention is needed now more than ever.

Once seen as an intervention primarily for patients, the benefits of live therapeutic music for staff resilience are becoming increasingly apparent. A dramatic increase in healthcare staff demands puts first responders at a higher risk of burnout.

Amidst this pandemic and the resulting chaos in the world, live therapeutic music helps make a difference in the lives of patients. Moreover, it impacts the atmosphere of the entire healthcare facility.

Virtual Live Therapeutic Music

Due to the highly infectious nature of COVID-19, the use of telehealth is on the rise. Live therapeutic music has largely transitioned to virtual interactions. Technology empowers us to hold hands with the music from across screens.

There has never been a more important time to aid in healing with live therapeutic music. I have witnessed the impact first-hand in the lives of patients, families, and staff. Live therapeutic music delivers joy and peace.

Music touches people in ways medicine can’t. It fills in the gaps. 

Barbara W. Lepke-Sims

Joy as a Practitioner

Patient joy from hearing live therapeutic music played by Barbara Lepke-Sims

On a more personal level, I can attest to the joy I experience in offering live therapeutic music. While I continue to offer my services as a freelance musician and educator, I find myself increasingly drawn to the world of live therapeutic music.

Offering this service represents a coming together of a variety of personal interests and life experiences.

1. Joy in comforting others

First, after the painful experience of losing my first husband and later my parents, I feel led to comfort others as I have been comforted. (2 Corinthians 1:3-5)

2. Joy in witnessing patient outcomes

Second, for many patients experiencing live therapeutic music, heart rates stabilize as they shift to a relaxation response.

3. Joy in using skills for good

Third, I enjoy using my business and administrative skills for a greater good.

4. Joy from impactful work

Fourth, after numerous hours of practicing over the past 50 years, my work has a greater purpose. Live therapeutic music is about so much more than perfecting a performance.

5. Joy in living out God’s call to love God and love others

Fifth, I am able to live out my personal faith mission by providing music that is intentional, inspirational, and uplifting.

6. Joy in spite of circumstances

Last but not least, live therapeutic music offers a supportive and healing complementary healthcare intervention. It also helps create a supportive environment for staff. Bringing peace and calm to healthcare facilities amidst difficult circumstances is meaningful.

Among the various ways people are getting creative and sharing their skills during this challenging time, I am honored to bring joy through music. Joy is a welcome addition to the healing process.

If you’re a healthcare facility and wish to learn more about incorporating live therapeutic music or a live therapeutic musician seeking mentorship, I welcome the opportunity to speak with you!

Barbara Weiger Lepke-Sims of Sacred Space is a harpist, educator, live therapeutic musician, and consultant. A thought leader in the live therapeutic music community, Barb is a mentor and advocate for the healing power of music. She is based in Denver, Colorado.